Auto Collision Repair

Students will be able to diagnose and repair collision damage. They will gain a basic understanding of estimating, metal repair, paint chemistry and application, fiberglass and plastic repair, and automotive related welding.

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Barbering prepares students to cut and dress hair, shave and trim facial/neck hair and beards, and customer relations and salon management. Instruction includes history of barbering, health and safety, customer service; shop business practices; legal issues; human immune system; diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp; implements, tools and equipment; hair and scalp anatomy and physiology.

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This full-year, laboratory-focused program teaches basic lab techniques and their rationale. The biotechnology field applies the knowledge of biological organisms to problems that occur in the real world. The topics covered in this introductory biotechnology program include DNA isolation, DNA manipulation, protein isolation, protein manipulation, and many more.

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Computer Programming

Computer programming/software engineering and applications are the focus of this course of study. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of computer programming. Students learn to design, code, and test their own programs while applying mathematical concepts. Concepts and problem solving skills are taught through a programming language such as C++, C#, Java, Python, or VB.

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Commercial Aircraft Pilot

This program of study includes an introduction to the field of aviation, aviation history, aviation transportation, aircraft systems and safety. During the Private Pilot Ground School portion of the program, students will study principles of flight, rules/regulations, aircraft/engine operations, aircraft control, navigation, and radio communications as required by FAA regulations.

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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the criminal justice system, its agencies, personnel, and historical foundation. Students explore an overview of the court system, criminal law, police-community relations, probation, parole, evidence, criminology and careers in law enforcement. The courses are taught by a professional police officer, and offer up to 12 credits of concurrent enrollment.

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Dental Assistant

This program is designed for juniors and seniors with an interest in dental healthcare. The program offers students the opportunity to explore the dental health profession by providing hands on experience and classroom instruction. Students will learn skills in chairside assisting, infection control, front office procedures,

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Digital Media

Digital Media is a capstone program designed to help students develop the skills necessary to pursue a career in Digital Media and the creative arts and gain a head start in their post-secondary education. By blending multiple courses and concepts, students will achieve far beyond what any individual course can provide

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This program is for seniors who want to prepare themselves with the skills to function as an EMT or paramedic to care for the sick or injured in emergency medical settings.

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This program consists of two courses: Principles of Engineering (POE) and Engineering Design and Development
(EDD). The POE course is an introduction to some of the major concepts that students will encounter in a post-secondary engineering course of study. POE gives students the opportunity to develop skills and understanding of course concepts through activity-project-problem based learning.

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Fire Science

This program prepares individuals to perform the duties of a firefighter. Instruction includes training in safety, firefighting, equipment operation, maintenance, and the principles of fire science. This high school based firefighter development course is derived from Utah State Fire Fighter Standards, NFPA, IFSAC, current Unified Fire Authority standards and the experience of an instructor cadre from multiple jurisdictions

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Heavy Duty Mechanic/Diesel

This program is an entry-level course that prepares students with a basic understanding of Diesel Engines. This program will teach shop safety, use of tools and equipment, how to tear down a Diesel engine and rebuild it. The understanding and use of specific manuals will be a part of the course.

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Medical Assistant

This program prepares students to work as medical assistants in a physician’s office. Students gain clinical skills that allow them to provide patient care such as taking vital signs, drawing blood, giving shots, performing simple lab tests and documenting information in each patient’s medical records.

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Landscape Management

Students develop knowledge and skills in nursery operation and landscape management practices preparing them to select appropriate plant materials and design, install, and maintain interior and exterior plantings and hardscapes. They will also learn to maintain the facilities and equipment associated with landscaping nursery operation.

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Nail Technician

Prepares students to shape fingernails and toenails, remove unwanted skin and blemishes, apply polish and cosmetics to nails, and function as licensed manicurists or nail technicians/specialists.

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Nurse Assistant

This semester-long program is available to juniors and seniors. It will provide an introduction to the health care field and the role of a nursing assistant. Students will learn the skills needed to work as a nursing assistant and will prepare to become certified through the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) uses the term Occupation to mean “everyday activity”, that which “occupies” our time. OT practitioners assist clients that have had illness, trauma, disease, or other disabilities get back to the Business of Life.

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Pharmacy Technician

Students learn how to fill prescriptions. This includes creating the label for the bottle, filling the prescription, making capsules using nonsterile compounding procedures, and making IV’s using aseptic techniques. Students also learn how to perform a wide range of other practice-related duties.

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Physical Therapy

This course offers students the opportunity to explore different avenues of these rehabilitation professions. This course consists of learning skills required to function as a therapy or rehabilitation technician.

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Surgical Technology

Students will learn to perform vital functions in an operating room during surgical procedures. Students will set up and pass surgical instruments and supplies, and perform other tasks as directed by the surgical team.

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Veterinary Science

This program is designed for juniors and seniors with an interest in animal care and nursing. This course is a one year program that offers students the opportunity to explore different avenues of the veterinary profession.

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Web/Mobile App Development

Design and develop web sites, mobile web sites, and HTML5 apps and games using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Learn about Internet technologies, network infrastructure, and web authoring. Students will build and maintain websites for clients, and complete an internship with a web development company.

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Teacher Education

This program is designed to introduce students to the field of education including special education, paraeducation, or other careers in disability services. Students will gain hands-on experience working with children with disabilities.

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Students will learn the fundamentals of welding and be able to perform beginning through advanced welding procedures including, MIG, TIG, and ARC welding. Students will be working with power tools and hazardous materials. Safety is a priority, and proper clothing is required.

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